Investing in Tourism and Local Quality of Life

Festival/Event Grant

The Festival/Event Grant Program was designed to assist not-for-profit organizations with the delivery of festivals and events to the community. To provide organizations with funding certainty, the Festival/Event Grant will be for a term of one to three years, at the foundation’s discretion.

Types of Eligible Projects
▪ Community Events – Significant social value to the community
o Benefits community members, Contributes to building community pride and encourages community interaction and spirit AND/OR Adds value to a neighborhood
▪ Emerging Economic and Tourism Events – Major tourism event with an economic return
o Positive impact on economic growth, Attracts media exposure, AND/OR Marketed to and attracts tourists
▪ Signature Economic and Tourism Events – Major tourism event with a significant economic return (only festivals and events that have demonstrated 3 years of successful growth and sustainability are eligible)
o Positive impact on economic growth, Major tourism event, Attracts significant media exposure, Significant amount of sponsors, AND/OR Attracts significant attendance relevant to site capacity

Foundation members are available to review your application prior to the deadline. Answer all questions on the form concisely and include all of the requested supporting materials – use the provided checklist to ensure that your application is complete.

All recipients of the Community Foundation of Excelsior Springs Project Grant will be required to submit a Post Project/Event Form within 30 days of the completed project.

All applicants must submit their application by the deadline and all applicants will be notified of awards prior to the grant fiscal year beginning on October 1st of the corresponding year.

Please direct all questions regarding the Project Grants to Susan Conyers, 816-630-0752 or [email protected] .

Submit completed applications to: The Community Foundation of Excelsior Springs, Attn: Molly McGovern, 201 E. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024.

Disclaimer: Successful grant applications will be made public. Please note to further our goal of openness and  transparency, the Community Foundation of Excelsior Springs will publish all successful grant applications on  our public website. To protect the confidentiality of your organization and volunteers, the applicant  information, the declaration and supporting documentation for each grant will not be included on the website.

Festival/Event Grant Program Guidelines

Objective of the Festival/Event Grant Program

To encourage festivals/events which contribute to community life within the city of Excelsior Springs.

Who May Apply
Excelsior Springs based non-profit organizations

Eligible Festival/Event Projects must …..
▪ Meet the current conditions and criteria
▪ Request partial funding with the balance coming from partnerships and fundraising activities undertaken by the applicant
▪ Show specific benefit to the city and its residents
▪ Be completed within the year that funding is approved
▪ Support strong social and community values and not be offensive to others

Types of Projects NOT Eligible
▪ Ongoing operating expenses for organizations
▪ Travel
▪ Direct grants to individual residents
▪ For-profit organizations
▪ Projects based in other municipalities
Payment of Grants/Evaluation
▪ Funding will be forwarded upon completion of project and receipt of acceptable verification of payment and expenses, along with a brief report/evaluation – please use the Post Project/Event Form.
▪ Grants are paid upon receipt of validation that expenditures have been made relating to the approved project (e.g. receipts, registration confirmation, cancelled checks).
▪ Receipts can be submitted for reimbursement at any time during the current fiscal year (October 1 –September 30).
▪ The final deadline for submission of receipts and evaluations is within 30 days following project completion or September 30 of the award year. Receipts submitted after September 30th or past 30 days following project completion will not be reimbursed.